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Make It An Evening She'll Never Forget!

You've bought her dress. Booked the venue. Picked out the decorations. Ordered the invitations.

The guest list? Well, it only includes your entire family and (what seems like) half of her school.

So did you really go through all of that just to take a few grainy photos on your smartphone? And do you really want to witness your daughter's Sweet 16 behind the lens of a camera?

As parents, we know better than anyone that time passes by in the blink of an eye. Our children are growing way faster than we'd like, and before you know it, she'll be off to college, tying the knot, and maybe raising a family of her own.

We offer a selection of Sweet 16 packages designed to fit your needs and help you take a night off to celebrate your little girl becoming a young woman.

Click the link below to learn more about how Legacy Studios you capture those picture-perfect memories you and your daughter cherish long after she's danced the night away and wished upon 16 candles. 


We'll see you at the party!

Jenna's Sweet 17-10.jpg
Gianna's S16-9.jpg
Gianna Z Testimonial.JPG
Jaclyn Testimonial.jpg
Gianna's S16-20.jpg
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