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School Picture Day is Meant to be Fun!

Many of the large photography companies send "Employees" to photograph schools, rather than sending someone who is passionate about his or her craft. We take pride in delivering a fun experience for all students and staff in order to create the most memorable photos for all of our parents!

 Our Vision

We have learned so much over the past 2+ years. One of the most important lessons that we've learned is that time is precious and creating memories that last forever has to become more than just a simple sit, smile, and snap! We strive to bring out every student's personality with every photo.  Of course, the traditional school portraits remain, but adding a little bit of fun never hurts. 

Adrien Mezan de Malartic-7.jpg
Mary Cococcia-6.jpg
DIFO  MIA-4.jpg
Alexander Loja  Desk.jpg
Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, we began introducing ideas for some fun, and interactive sets for picture day. We're hoping that as restrictions cool down, we can continue on our creative path. 
Serafima Wayne Libovich  Desk.jpg

Class Pictures 

When social distancing took away the ability to create class pictures, we thought outside the box and created our class composites, which have become a favorite among our principals!

K01 .2Composite.jpg
IHM 1st Grade Composite 2021.jpg
Tirado 33.jpg

The parents will love the wonderful memories created from our Sibling Picture Day!

Angelina Fichter-5.jpg

Senior Portraits

High School

Richard Smith-3.jpg

Cap & Gown

High School

BX Green Faculty (25 of 61).jpg


Faculty Photos

BX Green Grad 2022 (97 of 247).jpg

Cap & Gown

Middle School

All orders are placed online and delivered directly to the student's home so there is no need for teachers to sort out and hand out photo packages during their already hectic school day!

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